Commonwealth Kangaroos – Part One


Kangaroos are a special form of armoured transports. Their job is to get infantry safely to their destination, dismount the infantry, then retire to a safe location ready to pick up the infantry.

Kangaroos and their transported infantry are treated as one unit, but require two unit models or bases: the Kangaroo and a separate infantry base. When the troops are being transported the Kangaroo model or base is used; when the troops dismount, the infantry unit is placed in front of the Kangaroo model. If the infantry later mount up, they are removed from the table.

Kangaroo Statistics

A Kangaroo and its infantry have separate statistics. Use the infantry ones when the infantry are dismounted and the Kangaroo ones when mounted.

M7 Kangaroo Transporting Commonwealth Infantry Platoon

M7 “Unfrocked Priest” Kangaroo

Type: Kangaroo

Move: Average

  • Reliability: Good

Reaction: 5D (Armoured)

Commonwealth Rifle Platoon

Type: Infantry

Training: Regular

Move: Slow

Reaction: 3D (Soft)

Weapon: Rifle

  • Range: 4/8/16
  • FP: 5D AT:

Weapon: PIAT

  • Range: 1/2/3
  • FP:AT: 5D

Notes: Going to ground. Deployed anti-tank teams.

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