Loss of Command and Control

Loss of command and control first appeared as part of the Combat Commander series of posts. I’ve included it again here as it also works really well when playing smaller games.

Command Dice Loss

When a unit is dispersed and loses three Morale Points, it can result in the loss of a Command Dice. When three Morale Points are lost an Army Morale Check is made.

The owning player CO rolls his Army Morale Dice. His opponent rolls three dice. All dice have a 4+ TN. If the owning player rolls more successes than his opponent, he passes the test. If he rolls the same or fewer successes, he fails the test. On a failed test, one Command Dice is permanently removed from the game.

Using a Staff Order to Boost an Army Morale Check Before making an Army Morale Check the owning player may use a Staff Order to increase his Army Morale Dice by +1D.

Reducing an Army’s Maximum Number of Staff Orders

Each Command Dice lost reduces the maximum number of Staff Orders that can be held by a player by -1.

For example, a Soviet force consisting of an Infantry Battle Group with 5 Command Dice can hold a maximum of five Staff Orders. If it loses a Command Dice, the maximum would be reduced to four. If another Command Dice is lost, the maximum would be reduced to three.

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