Welcome to Wargames Design, the website of game designer Jim Bambra and Combat HQ: World War Two Wargame Rules.

Combat HQ is a fast-paced set of wargame rules for playing large-scale World War Two battles.

Rapid Command Pulses and opposed dice rolls keep all players constantly involved. Easy-to-play rules emphasise command and control decisions over complex combat resolution mechanics.

In each Command Pulse you decide how to use your limited command resources. Will you use your Command Dice to move up a company of infantry supported by tanks? Or will you use them to rally an Anti-Tank Gun battery? Or maybe you’ll use them to liaise with your staff officers?

Combat HQ uses six-sided dice and is suitable for 2mm to 28mm figures. It features rapid movement, decisive combat, and exciting decision making.

free PDF copy is available to all buyers of Combat HQ. Full details are included inside the Kindle and print books.

Combat HQ: World War Two Wargame Rules

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US Close Support - M4 105mm Howitzer

The M4 Sherman 105mm is equipped with a 105L23 howitzer to provide close support to tank and armoured infantry battalions. Like most other Shermans it has relatively weak armour making it vulnerable to German tanks.     Available: March 1944 Type: Medium AFV (Close Support) Move: Average Reliability: Good Reaction: 5D Weapon: 105L23 Howitzer Direct… READ MORE

Commonwealth Close Support - Cromwell Mk VI CS

The Cromwell Mk VI is the close support version of the Mk IV. Armed with a 97L423 howitzer it is a fast tank that is capable supporting the Cromwell Mk IVs and Shermans.   Available: 1944 Type: Medium AFV (Close Support) Move: Fast Reliability: Average Reaction: 6D Weapon: 97L42 howitzer Direct Fire Range: 8/16/32 FP:… READ MORE

Commonwealth Close Support - Churchill Mk VIII CS

Built using the chassis of the Churchill Mk VII, this close support tank is slow moving and heavily armoured giving it good protection against German tanks and anti-tank guns.     Available: 1944 Type: Heavy AFV Move: Slow Reliability: Average Reaction: 9D Weapon: 97L42 howitzer Direct Fire Range: 8/16/32 FP: 7D AT: 4D Indirect Fire… READ MORE