A quick update on 2nd Edition.

The rules are written and edited. I’ve been working on the layout for PDF, print and Kindle. The Kindle layout is nearly there. I need to take a few more photos, then get the final bit of Kindle processing done. Print and PDF layout took me longer than expected and are still in progress.

The rules will first be available on Kindle followed by print and PDF later.

I’ll have a firm date on the Kindle release soon.


Basic Rules

The basic rules cover how to play Combat HQ and include three missions that introduce the rules. After playing these missions, players will be familiar with the Combat HQ rules, and will be ready to move onto the additional missions and battle groups in Total War.

Total War

Total War contains rules for:

  • Airpower
  • General Support Batteries
  • Airborne Landings
  • Beach Assaults
  • Combat Engineering
  • Weather
  • Supply

Three late war battle groups with unit statistics

  • Commonwealth Armoured Division
  • German Panzer Division
  • US Armoured Division

Eight mission types

  • Meeting Engagement
  • Attack and Defend
  • Flank Attack
  • Hold the Line
  • Take and Hold
  • Counter-Attack
  • Rescue
  • Capture the Bridges

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