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Combat HQ is a fast-paced set of wargame rules for playing large-scale World War Two battles.

Rapid Command Pulses and opposed dice rolls keep all players constantly involved. Easy-to-play rules emphasise command and control decisions over complex combat resolution mechanics.

In each Command Pulse you decide how to use your limited command resources. Will you use your Command Dice to move up a company of infantry supported by tanks? Or will you use them to rally an Anti-Tank Gun battery? Or maybe you’ll use them to liaise with your staff officers?

Combat HQ uses six-sided dice and is suitable for 2mm to 28mm figures. It features rapid movement, decisive combat, and exciting decision making.

Combat HQ: World War Two Wargame Rules

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Commonwealth Infantry Battle Group

Core Unit Points: 1065 Units: 16 Command Dice: 6 Staff Orders: 4 Rally Dice: 4 Morale: 14 Artillery Response Dice: 5 Artillery Supply: Average Initial Barrage Round Modifier: +1 Core Units Infantry 1x 3” Mortar Platoon 3x Medium Machine Gun Platoons 1x Recon Universal Carrier 9x Rifle Platoons with PIAT Off-Table Artillery 3x 25-pounder Batteries… READ MORE

Kampfgruppe Commander - US Points Costs

Listed here are the points costs for the US units in the Combat HQ Rulebook.           US Units Rifle Platoon with Bazooka 49 MMG Platoon 66 81mm Mortar Platoon 58 57mm Anti-Tank Gun 80 M8 Armoured Car 92 M4 75mm 115 M4 76mm 129 M5 Light Tank 115 M10 Tank Destroyer… READ MORE

Kampfgruppe Commander - Soviet Points Costs

Listed here are the points costs for the Soviet units in the Combat HQ Rulebook.   Soviet Units Rifle Platoon 49 Machine Gun Platoon 67 82mm Mortar Platoon 62 Anti-Tank Rifle Platoon 54 ZIS-2 Anti-Tank Gun 80 T-70 116 T34/43 124 T34/85 150 KV-85 139 SU-85 127 ZIS-3 76L39 Battery 110 GAZ Truck -- READ MORE