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Combat HQ is a fast-paced set of wargame rules for playing large-scale World War Two battles.

Rapid Command Pulses and opposed dice rolls keep players constantly involved. Easy-to-play rules emphasize command and control decisions over complex combat resolution mechanics.

In each Command Pulse you decide how to use your limited command resources. Will you use your Command Dice to move up a company of infantry supported by tanks? Or will you use them to rally an Anti-Tank Gun battery? Or maybe you’ll use them to liaise with your staff officers?

Combat HQ uses six-sided dice and is suitable for 2mm to 28mm figures. It features rapid movement, decisive combat, and exciting decision making.

Combat HQ: World War Two Wargame Rules

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German Anti-Aircraft - SdKfz 10/4

The SdKfz 10/4 is a half-track prime mover armed with a 2cm FlaK 30 Anti-Aircraft Gun.       SdKfz 10/4 Available: 1940 Type: Carrier Move: Average Reliability: Average Reaction: 4D Weapon: 20L65 Anti-Aircraft GunĀ  (Flak 34) Range: 6/12/24 FP: 4D AT: 3D READ MORE

German Anti-Aircraft - 3.7cm Flak 36 & 37

The Flak 36 was an improvement on the pre-war Flak 18, but suffers from a relatively low rate of fire (120 rounds per minute). The Flak 37 had a redesigned sighting system but has the same statistics as the Flak 36 in Combat HQ.     Flak 36/37 Available: 1936 Type: Towed Anti-Aircraft Gun Move:… READ MORE

German Anti-Aircraft - 3.7cm Flak 43

The Flak 43 is an upgraded Flak 36/37 fitted with a gas-operated breech that increased the fire rate to 150 rounds per minute. The Flak 43 causes Firepower Suppressions. Flak 43 Available:1934 Type: Towed Anti-Aircraft Gun Move: Average Reliability: Average Reaction: 3D (4D) Weapon: 3.7cm Flak 43 Range: 7/14/28 FP: 5D AT: 3D Notes: Firepower… READ MORE