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Combat HQ is a fast-paced set of wargame rules for playing large-scale World War Two battles.

Rapid Command Pulses and opposed dice rolls keep all players constantly involved. Easy-to-play rules emphasise command and control decisions over complex combat resolution mechanics.

In each Command Pulse you decide how to use your limited command resources. Will you use your Command Dice to move up a company of infantry supported by tanks? Or will you use them to rally an Anti-Tank Gun battery? Or maybe you’ll use them to liaise with your staff officers?

Combat HQ uses six-sided dice and is suitable for 2mm to 28mm figures. It features rapid movement, decisive combat, and exciting decision making.

free PDF copy is available to all buyers of Combat HQ. Full details are included inside the Kindle and print books.

Combat HQ: World War Two Wargame Rules

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Late War Soviet Armour - IS-IIm

The IS-IIm replaced the original IS-II's stepped frontal armour with sloped armour increasing the frontal armour to 9D.     Available: Late 1944 Type: Heavy AFV Move: Average Reliability: Average Reaction: 9D/8D Weapon: 122L45 Range: 11/22/44 FP: 8D AT: 10D Notes: Slow firing. Sloped armour. READ MORE

Late War German Armour - Tiger II

The Panzerkampfwagen Tiger Ausf B was designed as an upgrade to the to the original Tiger. Known as a Königstiger (King Tiger), the Tiger II is heavily armoured and equipped with the 88L71 gun. While in many ways the precursor of the modern battle tank, the Tiger II is a gas guzzler and has an… READ MORE

Late War Soviet Armour - IS-II

The Iosif Stalin, named after Stalin, is a tank designed to replace the KV series of heavy tanks. Armed with 122L45 gun, the IS-II fires a high explosive shell making it effective against enemy infantry and fortifications, as well as enemy armour.   Available: April 1944 Type: Heavy AFV Move: Average Reliability: Average Reaction: 8D… READ MORE