Commonwealth Kangaroos – Part Two

Here are the rules for using Kangaroos in games of Combat HQ.

Army Morale Points

Calculate Army Morale Points normally counting the Kangaroo and its infantry as one unit.

Kangaroo Capacity

Each Kangaroo transports one platoon of infantry. Infantry begin the game loaded into their Kangaroos.

Targeting Kangaroos

When transported by Kangaroos the infantry unit is “hidden” inside the Kangaroo and cannot be targeted. Until the infantry dismount, all fire is against the Kangaroo.

Kangaroos are armoured targets and are fired at with AT. Dismounted infantry are fired at with FP.

Disruption Points and Suppressions

Disruptions and suppressions are on the combined unit.

A M7 De-frocked Priest Kangaroo carrying an infantry platoon advances towards a town in Normandy. It is hit by a Pak 40 anti-tank gun and takes a Disruption Point which is placed on the Kangaroo. It then dismounts its infantry. The Disruption also applies to them.

Transported Infantry

Transported infantry cannot fire while inside a Kangaroo.

Mounting and Dismounting Infantry

It costs one Fixed Move to mount or dismount infantry.

Infantry Dismounting Example

A RAM Kangaroo makes a Double Move and debuses its infantry. One Fixed Move is deducted from the Kangaroo’s move: it moves 6+2D6” and the infantry are placed in front of it.

Infantry Mounting a Kangaroo

Later the infantry mount their Kangaroo using a Single Dice Chain. The infantry are removed from the table (Fixed Move). The Kangaroo then moves D6” (Variable Move).

Kangaroos and Close Assault

Kangaroos cannot enter Close Assault. Infantry transported inside the Kangaroo can dismount and enter Close Assault.

Emergency Dismounting

If a Kangaroo is Close Assaulted by enemy infantry, the transported infantry dismount immediately (at no cost) but are subject to a –1D Close Assault penalty.

Armed Kangaroos

Kangaroos armed with machine guns negate the –1D penalty for emergency dismounting.

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