Command Dice Clarification

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Command Dice Question

Command Dice of 4, 4, 4, 3

Assuming I want to activate 3 different command groups using the 4’s for a single order in each Command Group, can I on my later Command Pulse with the 3 activate any unit that took part in the Command Pulse that used the 4’s? (for the example assume I’m ignoring suppressions).

In this example, let’s assume I only had enough units to make up 3 Command Groups and used the 4’s on all three. What would I use the Dice Chain of 3 for in that turn? Aside from potential suppression removal. I’m not saying it would be tactically the best option but if someone wanted to do it, what would I tell them about the single 3? Just discard it and do nothing for that Pulse?



Only once per turn. Once activated a unit cannot be activated again until next turn. A unit may use Op Fire and have a suppression removed as both of these are not counted as activations.

Dice Chain of 4, 4, 4, 3

Once activated the units cannot be activated again.

Activating the three Command Groups

Yes, that’s correct. A Command Dice that cannot be used has to be discarded on the player’s next Command Pulse.

That’s where Staff Orders become useful. Restocking one Staff Order would cost two of the 4’s, allowing all Command Dice to be used.

Alternatively, one Command Group could have been given a Double Move order with two of the 4’s. Then the 3 could be used next Command Pulse on the remaining Command Group (or before using the 4’s).

Often it’s about using your Command Dice in the most efficient way. And as you say, if one unit was suppressed, the 3 Command Dice could have been used to remove its suppression it.

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