Armoured Carriers


Armoured carriers are a special class of vehicles that can be used to transport infantry and mortars, tow guns, and act as weapon mounts for infantry and anti-tank guns.

Targeting Armoured Carriers

  • Armoured carriers are weakly armoured and are treated as Soft Targets. Anti-Tank fire is considered to pass through the platoon causing minimal damage. HE and machine gun fire are much more effective.
  • Adding a gun or a mortar to an armoured carrier does not convert it into an AFV. It remains an armoured carrier.
  • Armoured troop carriers and gun tows are not targeted separately. The carrier is Dispersed at the same time as the infantry or gun.

Armoured Carriers as Troop Transports

  • An armoured carrier increases a carried unit’s Reaction Dice in a similar way to Light and Medium Cover. This increase is permanently factored into the unit statistics.

Armoured Gun Tows

  • Armoured transports add +1D to a gun’s Reaction Dice.
    • A Pak-40 towed by a SdKfz 251/1 has its Reaction Dice increased from 3D to 4D. When deployed the Pak-40 would have a 5D Reaction.

Armoured Gun Tows with Machine Guns

  • In addition to increasing a gun’s Reaction Dice, armoured carriers negate a gun’s +2 TN combat penalty when attacked in Close Assault.
    • A Pak-40 towed by an Opel Blitz truck is close assaulted by Soviet infantry. The Pak-40’s TN of 4+ is increased by +2 to a TN of 6+ making it highly likely that it will lose the close assault.
    • Later A Pak-40 towed by a SdKfz 251/1 is close assaulted by Soviet infantry. As the SdKfz 251/1 is armed with machine guns, the Pak-40’s TN remains at of 4+ giving it an improved chance of defeating the Soviet infantry.
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