Armoured Carriers

In this post I take a look at how armoured carriers are used in Combat HQ.

Armoured carriers are a special class of vehicles that can be used to carry mortars, tow guns, and act as weapon mounts for infantry and anti-tank guns.

Targeting Armoured Carriers

Armoured carriers are treated as Soft Targets.

Armoured Carriers as Weapons Platforms When equipped with mortars, large calibre guns or howitzers, armoured carriers are treated as armoured infantry and can use the Rapid Deployment ability.

Armoured Carrier Gun Tows

Guns towed by armoured carriers cannot use Rapid Deployment. The gun must limbered/umlimbered the same as guns towed by trucks or horses.

Improved Reaction Dice

Armoured transports add +1D to a gun’s Reaction Dice when the gun is limbered. It provides no benefit when the gun is deployed. So a gun towed by an armoured carrier has the same Reaction Dice whether it’s deployed or not.

Reaction: 4D (4D)

A Pak-40 towed by a SdKfz 251/4 has its Reaction Dice increased from 3D to 4D when limbered. It has a 4D Reaction when deployed.

Armoured Carrrier Gun Tows with Machine Guns

In addition to increasing a gun’s Reaction Dice, armoured carriers armed with machine guns negate a gun’s +2 TN combat penalty when attacked in Close Assault.

A Pak-40 towed by an Opel Blitz truck is close assaulted by Soviet infantry. The Pak-40 has a TN 4+. When fighting in Close Assault this is increased by +2 to TN 6+ making it likely that it’ll lose the close assault.

Later a Pak-40 towed by a SdKfz 251/1 armed with a machine gun is close assaulted by Soviet infantry. As the SdKfz 251/1 is armed, the Pak-40’s TN remains at 4+ giving it a better chance of defeating the Soviet infantry.

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