Armoured Carriers

In this post I take a look at how armoured carriers are used in Combat HQ.

Armoured carriers are a special class of vehicles that can be used to carry mortars, tow guns, and act as weapon mounts for infantry and anti-tank guns.




Targeting Armoured Carriers

Armoured carriers are Soft Targets.

Armoured Carrier Gun Tows

Guns towed by armoured carriers must be limbered/unlimbered the same as guns towed by trucks or horses.


Improved Reaction Dice

Armoured transports add +1D to a gun’s Reaction Dice when the gun is limbered. It provides no benefit when the gun is deployed. So a gun towed by an armoured carrier has the same Reaction Dice whether it’s deployed or not.

Reaction: 4D (4D)

A Pak-40 towed by a SdKfz 251/4 has its Reaction Dice increased from 3D to 4D when limbered. It has a 4D Reaction when deployed.

Armoured Carrrier Gun Tows with Machine Guns

In addition to increasing a gun’s Reaction Dice, armed carriers add +1D to the gun’s FP Dice during close assaults, and at short and effective ranges.

A Pak-40 towed by a SdKfz 251/4 (with a machine gun) has its Firepower increased by +1D from FP: 4D to FP: 5D during close assault and when firing at short and effective ranges.

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