Armoured Infantry – Special Unit Rules

The Armoured Infantry book adds a few new Special Unit Rules for use with armoured and motorized infantry.

Firepower Suppression

Units with a large number of automatic weapons can cause more suppression than other units. Firepower Suppression is similar to Artillery Suppression, but applies only to Firepower attacks.

When fired at with Firepower Suppression, the target must roll more 6s than the firing unit or be suppressed.

Rules Update: Firepower Suppression has also been added to all infantry machine gun platoons to better model the suppressive effect of their fire.

Rapid Deployment

Rapid Deployment allows armoured infantry, motorized infantry and armoured carriers to move quickly. Rapid Deployment increases a unit’s movement speed, but reduces its combat ability.

Units with Rapid Deployment have two movement speeds lists eg Slow (Fast). When moving normally they move at the first speed. When using Rapid Deployment they move at the speed in parentheses.

A unit using Rapid Deployment is subject to a -1D penalty when firing or engaging in close assault.

US Armoured Infantry with M3 Half-track

When moving normally the US infantry move 3+1D6”.

If they make a single move, they are subject to no dice penalties.

If the US armoured infantry make a double or triple move, they have a -1D penalty (double move) or a -2D penalty (triple move).

The US Armoured Infantry may also use Rapid Deployment to increase their movement to 6+D6x2”, but they have a -1D penalty when doing so.

If they use Rapid Deployment to make a double or triple move , they are subject to a -2D penalty (double move) or a -3D penalty (triple move).

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