Rules Updates

Here are a few rules updates you can use in your games.

Firepower Suppression for Machine Gun Platoons

Firepower Suppression has been added to all Machine Gun Platoons to better represent the suppressive effects of machine gun fire.

Close Support Direct Fire Suppressions

Direct fire by close support units can now cause Artillery Suppressions.

Optional Army Morale

To determine your Army Morale total up the number of units in your army including off-table artillery batteries and divide by two, then add your number of Command Dice. This total forms your initial Army Morale Points. Now roll your Command Dice. Each 1 you roll reduces you Army Morale by -1, and each 6 increases it by +1.

You can use Staff Orders to offset the effects of rolling 1s. Each Staff Order you spend prevents the loss of one Morale Point.

Revised Recon Morale

Kampfgruppe Commander reduced the Morale Loss from a recon unit to one Morale Point. This works well in games where only one or two recon units are used per side, but is less effective when three or more units are fielded. In games with three or more recon units, all recon units lose D3 Morale Points; the same as other units.

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