Revised Close Asssault #7 – Additional Close Assault Rules

Close Support and Tank Destroyers

Close Support Units and Tank Destroyers fight at a +2 TN disadvantage in Close Assault.

Heavy Weapons and Guns

Heavy weapons and guns fight at a +2 TN disadvantage in Close Assault. When defending, the best use of machine guns is to try and disrupt assaulting enemies using short range sustained fire.

Try to keep mortars and guns behind your infantry units so that you can use your infantry to soak up the attacking units thereby preventing the enemy from assaulting your more vulnerable units.

AFVs vs Infantry in Cover

AFVs that Close Assault infantry in or behind Medium Cover have an additional +1 TN penalty; AFVs may not Close Assault enemies with Heavy Cover.

AFV Overruns

AFVs may over-run infantry, heavy weapons teams and guns in the open. Move the AFV into contact with the unit. The AFV gains an additional -1 TN bonus for the over-run. If it Disperses or Forces Back the infantry or heavy weapons, the AFV may continue moving, but may not make any further overrun attacks. The AFV can fire normally. If it is suppressed during the Close Assault, the AFV stops where it is.

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