Revised Close Asssault #6 – Multiple Units In Close Assault

A maximum of two units can Close Assault an enemy unit. Each unit must be in contact with the enemy unit. One unit is chosen as the main assault unit while the other unit supports its attack. The main assault unit gains a bonus equal to half of the supporting unit’s dice (FP Dice or AT Dice rounded up).

A unit without AT Dice cannot support another unit against armoured units.

If the Close Assault succeeds, but the attackers roll less 6s than the defenders, the main unit and the support unit are both suppressed.

Unsuppressed support units may make a variable move after a Close Assault. They move with the main unit, or in any direction desired. They may enter Close Assault on their own or support another unit at a cost of 1 Command Dice.

If the attack fails, the main unit takes the full damage inflicted by the defender, and the support unit takes half the Disruption Points (round up) taken by the main unit. Both units are suppressed and Forced Back their Fixed Move plus 1D” for each Disruption Point.

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