Operation Compass – Italian Artillery

This posts describes Italian off-table artillery support.

Cannone da 75/27 modello 11

Of World War One vintage the 75/27 was used as artillery support as well as a field gun. The stats here are for use as off-table artillery.

Light artillery battery

Weapon: 75L27

  • Range: Off-Table
  • Burst Radius: 3”
  • FP: 3D AT: 3D

Notes: Artillery Suppression.

Obice da 100/17 modello 14

This howitzer dates from World War One and was originally produced in Austria-Hungary. It was used by the Italians as their medium howitzer in World War Two.

Medium howitzer battery

Weapon: 105L17

  • Range: Off-Table
  • Burst Radius: 4”
  • FP: 4D AT: 4D

Notes: Artillery Suppression.

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