Multiple Battle Groups #4

CS CHQ coverRolling Command Dice

Command Dice are rolled at the start of each turn for each battle group. A CO chooses a battle group and rolls its Command Dice. Commanding Officers alternate rolling for battle groups until all have been rolled for.

Command Failures

Command Failures occur on an individual battle group level. Any 1s not exceeded by 6s are passed to the enemy CO.

Passing Dice

Any dice passed from a Command Failure are added as Staff Orders. These Staff Orders may be used this turn or in later turns. However, the CO cannot have more Staff Orders at the end of the turn than the total Army Command Dice of all his battle groups. Any excess Staff Orders are discarded at the end of the turn.

All Battle Groups Roll Command Failures

The turn is skipped. Staff Orders may be used to maintain artillery missions as usual.

Artillery and Command Failures

Artillery is allocated to individual battle groups and is affected by any Command Failures rolled by the battle group as usual. Staff Orders may be spent to maintain artillery missions.

Command Failures and Reserves

A Command Failure prevents any reserves from that battle group entering the table this turn. However, a CO may spend two Staff Orders to have a Reserve Command Group enter the table this turn. He may enter as many Reserve Command Groups as he has Staff Orders to pay for them.

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