Multiple Battle Groups #5

CS CHQ coverStarting a Multiple Battle Group Game

The side which rolls the most 6s etc has the first Command Pulse, and its Logistics Phase occurs. The CO may then use a Dice Chain from any battle group. After using the Dice Chain, it is the other side’s first Command Pulse, and their Logistics Phase takes place.

Command Pulses continue to alternate until all Command Dice have been used on both sides. The Turn then ends.

Phasing the Battle Groups

A player may use Dice Chains from any battle group, but must use the dice on the selected battle group. After using a Dice Chain, the enemy CO may use a Dice Chain from any of his battle groups. On the player’s next Command Pulse, he can select a Dice Chain from any of his battle groups.

For example, a player could choose to use all of the Dice Chains from one battle group before using any Dice Chains from another battle group. Or, he could choose to use a Dice Chain from one battle group, then a Dice Chain from another battle group on his next Command Pulse.

Skipping a Command Pulse

A Command Pulse may be skipped by using a Command Dice from any Command Group.

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