Multiple Battle Groups #3


Battle Group Integrity

CS CHQ coverA battle group’s Command Dice can be only used on units from that battle group. No Command Dice can be used on a unit from another battle group.




Transferring a Unit from one Battle Group to Another

By spending a Staff Order, the CO can transfer a unit from one battle group to another. The CO may transfer as many units as he spends Staff Orders. Suppressed units may not be transferred without first removing their suppression.

When a unit is transferred, 1D3 Morale points are deducted from its battle groups Morale Points and added to the Morale Points of its new battle group. If there are fewer Morale Points remaining than the number rolled, the remaining Morale points are transferred. Any battle group reduced to zero Morale Points will suffer a Morale Collapse at the end of the current turn.

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