Multiple Battle Groups #2

CS CHQ coverCommanding Officer (CO)

The Commanding Officer controls all of the battle groups on the table, however, each battle group is treated as a separate force with its own Command Dice and Morale Points. A battle group will withdraw from the table at the end of a turn when its Morale Dice has been reduced to Zero.

Battle Group Command Dice: A battle group’s Command Dice can only be used to order that battle group.

Initial Staff Orders: Staff Orders are calculated for each force as normal but are passed “up the chain” to the CO. They are not kept by the battle group.

Centralised Artillery
Off-table artillery assets are under the control of the CO. He uses Staff Orders to call and adjust artillery missions as normal.

Any Command Failure results in the cancelling of a battle group’s artillery.

Staff Orders

New Staff Orders are generated by individual battle groups. It is not possible to combine Command Dice from separate battle groups to generate Staff Orders.

Once a game is underway the number of Staff Orders can be increased up to a maximum amount equal to the total number of Command Dice in play for that side.

New Staff Orders are available for use during subsequent turns. However, Instant Staff Orders may be used in the current turn as normal.

Using Staff Orders

Staff Orders may be used with any battle group, but the number of Staff Orders that can be spent on a battle group in a single turn cannot be more than the battle group’s Command Dice.

Wild Dice

Wild Dice may be used by the CO for the battle group that rolled them or stored as Staff Orders for use in subsequent turns. Two or more Wild Dice may be used to issue an Instant Staff Order – its use is not restricted to the battle group that rolled the Wild Dice.

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