Multiple Battle Groups #1

CS CHQ cover

The Combat HQ rulebook focuses on games with a single battle group per side. You can also play Combat HQ with multiple battle groups on each side. This is an ideal way to field larger forces and is recommended for multi-player games.
Over the next few weeks, I’m posting the rules for how to play with larger forces by combining the battle groups from the Combat HQ rulebook or the Armour Battles Expansion.



Selecting Battle Groups

To keep balanced forces on each side, players should select similar battle groups with the same number of support groups. Unless you really want to pitch two armour battle groups against two infantry battle groups, use the following force set ups.

Allied versus German

  • Two infantry battle groups vs two infantry battle groups
  • Two armour battle groups vs two armour battle groups
  • One infantry and one armour battle group vs one infantry and one armour battle group
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