Kampfgruppe Commander – Army Builder

The Kampfgruppe Commander Army Builder allows players to create battle groups ranging from raw recruits to battle hardened veterans.

The Army Builder uses the Battalion as its basic unit: this can be either an infantry, armour or volksgrenadier battalion.

Panzergrenadier and Panzer Recon battalions will be covered later in the Armoured Infantry supplement.

Game Type

Two types of game are presented in Kampfgruppe Commander: the Battalion Game and the Supported Battalion Game.

Single battalion games are relatively fast affairs, while games with support units can take all evening to play.

Battalion Game

For a quick battalion level game, players have 1,000 points to spend on core units. No support units can be selected, and only one artillery battery is available.

Four ready to play battalion game battle groups are included in Kampgruppe Commander and will be posted on wargamesdesign.com soon.

Supported Battalion Game

Each side fields a battle group of 1,500-2,500 points. Core units and support groups are selected up to a maximum number of points agreed by the players.

Players must select the minimum number of units listed for their Core Units, but are otherwise free to choose additional units from their Core and Support Units.

Multiple Battle Group Games

Rules for how to run games with multiple battle groups per side will be covered in the forthcoming Combat Commander supplement. Playtest rules have been published previously on wargames design and the first post can be found here.

Battle Group Statistics

Battle Group Statistics follow the format presented in Combat HQ and Armour Battles

A new statistic has been added: Battle Group Strength.

Battle Group Strength

Battle Group Strength represents the combined training levels of all units in a battle group. Strength is then used to calculate Command Dice, initial Staff Orders and Army Morale. It’s explained fully in Kampfgruppe Commander.

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