US Infantry Task Force

The US infantry battalion can be motorized by being transported in trucks.  Alternatively, the infantry can be deployed without trucks.  If the trucks are not used, each infantry platoon costs -3 pts less.


Command Dice Divider: 3Initial Barrage Modifier: +0
Staff Dice Divider: 4Artillery Supply: Good
Rally Dice: 4Artillery Response Dice: 4
Highest Training Level: Veterans (4)Mandatory Units: Units must be Eager Trainees or better
Weapons Company
0-1 57mm Anti-tank Gun + Truck
0-1 81mm Mortar + Truck
0-2 Machine Gun Platoons + Trucks
0-1 Rifle Platoon (bazooka) + Truck
2-3 Rifle Companies
2-3 Infantry Platoons (bazooka) + Trucks
0-1 Machine Gun Company + Truck
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