US Armoured Infantry Task Force

US armoured infantry transported in M3 half-tracks.

Command Dice Divider: 3Initial Barrage Modifier: +0
Staff Dice Divider: 4Artillery Supply: Good
Rally Dice: 4Artillery Response Dice: 4
Highest Training Level: Veterans (8)Mandatory Units: Units must be Regulars or better
HQ Company
0-1 Recon Jeep with HMG
0-1 M8 Howitzer Motor Carriage
0-1 M4 Mortar Carrier
0-1 57mm Anti-tank Gun + M3 Half-track (MG)
0-1 MG Platoon + M3 Half-track (HMG)
2-3 Armoured Infantry Companies
2-3 Armoured Infantry Platoons + M3 Half-tracks (MG)*
0-1 57mm Anti-tank Gun + M3 Half-track (MG)
* May upgrade 1-2 Infantry M3 Half-tracks (MG) to (HMG)


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