Rapid Deployment

Rapid deployment enables mechanized and motorized infantry to move rapidly across the battlefield.

Rapid Deployment increases a unit’s movement speed, but reduces its combat ability.

Movement Rate

Rapid Deployment increases the unit’s movement rate to the next higher rate: from Slow to Average; Average to Fast. This is shown in brackets after the unit’s normal speed.

Move: Slow (Average)

Combat Penalties

A unit is subject to a -1D penalty to its FP, AT and Close Assault dice when it uses Rapid Deployment.

A unit can use Rapid Deployment any time it moves; just state that the unit is using Rapid Deployment and apply the movement bonus and the combat penalties (when applicable).

Rapid Deployment does not affect a unit’s combat abilities if the unit uses opportunity fire later in the turn, or if close assaulted by an enemy unit.


Motorized panzergrenadiers with Opel Blitz trucks have a normal movement rate of Slow (3+D”).

They use Rapid Deployment to increase their movement rate to Average (6+1D”) and make a double move of 12+2D”.

At the end of their move the panzergrenadiers fire at a Soviet rifle platoon.

The panzergrenadiers fire with a -2D penalty: -1D from their Rapid Deployment and -1D from their double move.


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