Panzergrenadier (Motorized) Kampfgruppe

Motorized panzergrenadiers are transported in trucks.

Command Dice Divider: 2.75Initial Barrage Modifier: -1
Staff Dice Divider: 4Artillery Supply: Poor
Rally Dice: 4Artillery Response Dice: 4
Highest Training Level: Veterans (8)Mandatory Units: None

Panzergrenadier (Motorized) Battalion

2-3 Panzergrenadier Companies *2-3 Panzergrenadier (panzerfaust) Platoons+ Opel Blitz Trucks **
0-1 Panzergrenadier Machine Gun Platoon + Opel Blitz Truck
1x Heavy Company0-1 12cm Mortar + Opel Blitz Truck
0-1 Pak 40 + tow
0-1 2cm Flak Gun + tow or SdKfz 10/5
  • May replace 2-3 Panzergrenadier Gepanzert Platoons with Sturm (StG 42) Platoons
    ** May add three panzerschrecks
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