Optional Vehicle Reliability (Weather and Environment Effects)

jadgpanzer-stuck-in-mudThe vehicle reliability rules are based on normal, dry conditions in Europe or the Russian steppes. To simulate the harsher environment of the desert, heavy rain, thick mud, deep snow, or gasoline shortages (such as poorly supplied late war German units), use the following rules:


  • Poor Units break down on any roll of 1 regardless of the number of 6s rolled. (1-in–6 chance)
  • Average Units breakdown on one roll of 1 in excess of 6s
  • Good units breakdown on two rolls of 1s in excess of 6s

Increased Number of Break-downs

You can also increase the number of break-downs in particularly adverse conditions (blizzards, torrential rain and mud, gasoline shortages, etc.)

  • Roll a D3 to determine how many units break-down.
  • Add 1 to the roll for each 1 rolled above the number required for a break-down.

EG a Command Group containing Poor units makes a double move and rolls two 1s.

  • Roll D3 and add +1. 2–4 units become broken down.

A Command Group containing Average units makes a double move and rolls three 1s in excess of 6s.

  • Roll D3 and add +2. 3–5 units become broken down.

Remember you can always reduce the chances of break-downs occurring by using Command Dice or Staff Orders.

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