Multiple Battle Groups #8

CS CHQ coverEntering Battle Groups onto the Table

All of a battle group’s reserve command groups can be entered onto the table at the same time, or they can be entered individually.

Entering Entire Battle Groups

An entire battle group can be entered onto the table for the cost of one Staff Order. The battle group can enter on Blinds, on Reserve moves, or use a mix of the two. The battle group rolls its Active Dice Pool in subsequent turns. It does not have access to its Active Dice Pool on the turn it enters.

Entering Individual Reserve Command Groups

Individual Reserve Command Groups are entered onto the table by either using the CO’s Staff Orders or by using a Command Dice from the battle group’s Active Dice Pool. Reserve Command Groups enter using the rules in Combat HQ.

Battle Group Commanders

A command unit may be placed on the table to represent the battle group’s commander. This should be a command vehicle such as a kübelwagen and radio truck for the Germans, a jeep and radio truck for the Allies. Forthcoming rules allow Battle Group Commanders to have special abilities – until these are published, use the Battle Group Commander to indicate that the battle group is present on the table.

Reducing a Battle Group’s Command Dice – Rule Change

Every time the dispersion of a unit results in the loss of 3 Morale Points it may result in the number of Command Dice becoming reduced. When 3 Morale Points are lost an Army Morale Check is made.

The owning CO rolls his Army Morale Dice against three dice rolled by the opposing CO. All dice have a 4+ TN. If the owning CO rolls more successes than his opponent, he passes the test. If he rolls the same or fewer successes, he fails the test. On a failed test, one Command Dice is lost permanently from the battle group’s Active Dice Pool.

Before making an Army Morale Check the owning CO may use one Staff Order to increase his Army Morale Dice by +1D.

Reducing an Army’s Maximum Number of Staff Orders

Each Command Dice lost reduces the maximum number of Staff Orders that can be held by -1.

For example, a Soviet force consisting of an Infantry Battle Group with 5 Command Dice and an Armour Battle Group with 4 Command Dice can hold a maximum of nine Staff Orders. If one of its battle groups loses a Command Dice, the maximum would be reduced to eight. If another Command Dice is lost, the maximum would be reduced to seven.

Command Collapse – Rule Change

A battle group that is reduced to one Command Dice following an Army Morale Check suffers a Command Collapse – all of its units are immediately removed from the table and its artillery is no longer available for use.

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