Multiple Battle Groups #20

CS CHQ coverFirst Command Pulses

As Boris rolled a Command Failure, Max automatically has the first Command Pulse. He uses one of his Armour Battle Group Dice Chains (3) and a Staff Order (9 Staff Orders remaining) to order the Puma to deploy from its Blind and advance with a double move order. After resolving spotting and combat, it is now Boris’ first Command Pulse.



Boris uses a Wild Dice (6) to order his T–70 to deploy from its Blind and make a single move. After resolving spotting and combat, it is now Max’s second Command Pulse.

Second Command Pulses

Max’s Puma successfully spotted a Soviet Blind last Command Pulse and two Soviet Rifle Platoons were placed on the table. Max now uses the Puma to act as Forward Observer for his two Armour battle group batteries. He uses two Staff Orders to call a Continuous Fire Mission centred on the Soviet infantry platoons. He also uses one Staff Order to call a Single Fire Mission at the same location. Max has now six Staff Orders remaining.

Max now uses an Amour Dice Chain (2) to deploy his company of two Panzer IVs and orders them to make a single move and fire on the spotted Soviet infantry.

Max could have instead used an Infantry Dice Chain to activate a German infantry unit. But he could not have use the Infantry Dice Chain to activate an Armour unit.

It is now Boris’ second Command Pulse. With artillery falling onto his infantry and Panzer IVs firing at them, Boris uses a Dice Chain (5) to order his infantry to Disengage. If Boris didn’t have any Infantry Dice Chains, he could have ordered the infantry to Disengage by using one of his Staff Orders.

Subsequent Command Pulses

Max and Boris continue to alternate Command Pulses until all Dice Chains have been used.

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