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I’m going to run a six player game next week so I’m thinking about your multiplayer rules. So I will probably run two battle groups each side but with a CO having a small group. But my reading of your rules for multiplayer seem to me like players move one after the other. Is this correct? If so this will slow the game down dramatically rather than allowing each player on one side activate together.

The Symmetrical Option

Activate the US or German players together. Total up the dice for both players on a side to see which side has the most 6s, etc. This side has the first Command Pulse. During a Command Pulse both players play simultaneously. Once both players on a side have used all of their Command Dice, it’s their Opponents’, Command Pulse.

The Asymmetrical Option

Divide the table into zones for each player. One an 8′ table assign the left half of the table to US player #1 and German player #1. Assign the right half to US player #2 and German player #2. Each player’s Deployment Zone is restricted to his half of the table. The CO can deploy his units into either Deployment Zone.

Command Dice are rolled by each pair of players as though they were in a single player game. The paired players then play against each other. This can mean that both US players are active, or one US player is active and one German player is active.

Handle any crossovers between the players as they occur. The active player can always trigger enemy opportunity fire, even if his current opponent is currently active against the other player.


US Player #1 advances against German Player #2. Although German Player #2 is currently the active player against US Player #2, his units can conduct opportunity fire against US Player #1’s units.

This is also where having a CO comes in handy. As he’s looking at the big picture, he may spot some fire opportunities that would otherwise be overlooked by the players.

Command Failures

In the event of both paired players rolling Command Failures, they continue to play after removing all 1s rolled. In this case no 1s are passed to the opponent. This avoids one half of the table from not participating this turn.

A turn ends when all players have used their Command Dice.

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