Combat Commander – Transferring Staff Orders

This rule is useful when playing multi-player games without a Commanding Officer.

For example, two German Battle Groups versus two Soviet Battle Groups each run as independent commands.


A Battle Group can transfer Staff Orders to an allied Battle Group on a Command Roll.

Each Command Roll attempt costs either a Command Dice or a Staff Order.

Roll 4D vs 3D (TN 4+).

For each success, one Staff Order may be passed.


One German Battle Group has run out of Staff Orders, but Odo, its commander, wants to order an artillery barrage against advancing Soviet infantry. He asks Max, the other German player, to transfer Staff Orders to him.

Max has five Staff Orders and agrees to make a transfer attempt.

Max uses a Command Dice to issue the transfer order (he doesn’t want to use one of his Staff Orders).

He rolls 4D versus the 3D rolled by Ivan, one of the Soviet players.

  • Max rolls 3 successes
  • Ivan rolls 1 success
  • A difference of 2 successes

Max transfers two Staff Orders to Odo.

He could have decided to only transfer one; he’s not obliged to transfer the difference.

Games with a Commanding Officer

For games with a Commanding Officer this rule is not needed as the CO has access to all Staff Orders and can freely allocate them. This is one of the benefits of higher command.

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