Gepanzerte Platoon with 251/10 SPW

One 251/10 SPW is available in each Gepanzerte Panzergrenadier company. The 251/10 improves the platoon’s movement speed and Reaction Dice.

The 251/10 is equipped with a 37 mm  Pak 36 anti-tank gun which adds a long range Anti-Tank capability to the Gepanzerte Platoon.

Gepanzerte Panzergrenadier Platoon with 251/10 SPW
Type: Mechanized Infantry
Move: Average (Fast)
   Reliability: Average
Reaction: 4D
Weapon: Rifles, machine guns and 37L45 gun
   Range: 4/8/16
   FP: 6D AT: 4D
Weapon: Panzerfaust
   Range: 1/2/3
   FP: - AT: 5D
Notes: Rapid deployment. Deployed anti-tank teams.

As the 251/10 SPW is not armed with machine guns, the platoon suffers the normal -1D penalty when using Rapid Deployment.

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