Combat HQ Designer’s Notes – Part 5 – Getting Rid of Clutter

pumaCommand Groups were originally led by officer figures but these simply got in the way of a quick game. With a ground scale of 1” equalling 50 yards and one unit being a platoon, officers wouldn’t even be noticeable. Now, getting disordered disrupts your command structure without a need to track officer casualties; you now nominate one unit as your commander and measure the command radius from that unit to the other units you want to include. Rallying is the same. Just think of the officers being present with the platoons.

Similarly, Forward Observers were removed. As army commander I expect my troops to be constantly requesting artillery strikes once the fighting starts. It’s my job to decide which requests I respond to. As long as a unit can see a target, it may be used as a Forward Observer for a mortar or off-table artillery battery. It also makes reconnaissance units more useful as they can call artillery onto enemy positions.


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