Armoured Infantry Statistics

Armoured infantry are trained to fight with armoured vehicles. Armoured infantry include German panzergrenadiers (gepanzerte), US armoured infantry and Commonwealth infantry equipped with universal carriers or half-tracks.

Armoured infantry are listed as a platoon, plus their armoured carrier. E. G. Panzergrenadier Platoon + 251/1 SPW.

Targeting Armoured Infantry

Armoured infantry are targeted with FP, not AT fire. Their transports are part of the infantry unit and cannot be targeted separately. If the infantry are Dispersed, their transports are Dispersed along with them.

Reaction Dice

Armoured infantry have higher Reaction Dice than normal infantry.

No Going to Ground

Armoured Infantry cannot Go to Ground.

Armoured Infantry Example

Panzergrenadier Platoon + SdKfz 251/1 SPW

The 251/1 SPW improves the panzergrenadiers’ Reaction Dice and FP Dice.

Type: Armoured Infantry

Move: Slow (Fast)

Reliability: Average

Reaction: 4D

Weapon: Rifles and machine guns.

  • Range: 4/8/16
  • FP: 6D AT:

Weapon: Panzerfaust

  • Range: 1/2/3
  • FP:AT: 5D

Notes: Firepower Suppression. Rapid Deployment. Deployed Anti-tank Teams.

Firepower Suppression: Panzergrenadiers have more machine guns per platoon than normal German infantry giving them the Firepower Suppression ability.

Rapid Deployment: Panzergrenadier (gepanzerte) move at Slow when moving normally. They move at Fast when using Rapid Deployment.

Deployed Anti-tank Teams: Panzergrenadier (gepanzerte) can deploy their Anti-tank Teams.

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