Armour Battles – Interdiction Fire

Artillery ExplosionOff-table artillery may be used to interdict a Blind to slow down its movement. A Blind may be suppressed multiple times from off-table artillery fire.

The artillery must specifically target the Blind. Place the Impact Marker on the middle of the Blind and roll the Deviation Dice when it fires for effect. On a “Hit” the Impact Marker is on target, otherwise move it 1D6” in the direction of the deviation arrow as normal. The Blind is only hit if, after deviation, the centre of the Impact Marker remains on the Blind – burst radius isn’t used when firing at Blinds.

A battery firing at a Blind fires with a 5+ TN. This is always dispersed fire, never converged. The Blind has 5D Reaction with a 5+ TN regardless of the units it contains. Cover Dice are not used with interdiction fire.

The Blind must roll more successes than the firing artillery or take a suppression for each hit. Place the Suppression Markers onto the Blind. Blinds are never Forced Back.

A Blind may have a maximum of four suppressions – any excess suppressions are converted into Disruption Points.

Deploying with Suppressions and Disruption

Suppressions and Disruption Points are applied to units as they deploy from the Blind. The owning player allocates one suppression per unit until all suppressions are allocated. If there are more units than suppressions, the owning player chooses which units are suppressed. If there are more suppressions than units, the excess suppressions are converted into Disruption Points.

Disruption Points are allocated by the owning player one at a time to his units. No unit may be allocated more than one Disruption Point until all other units have received one Disruption Point.

Removing Suppressions From Blinds

Suppressions on Blinds may be removed at the cost of one Command Dice each; this does not require a Dice Chain.

For example, Tom wants to use his artillery to Disrupt an Italian Blind before it deploys. He indicates one of his Blinds with LOS to the Italian Blind to act as the Forward Observer for the mission. He rolls his Artillery Response Dice and is successful – his 25-pounder battery fires and scores a “Hit” on the Deviation Dice. He rolls 5D with a 5+ TN. He gets two hits. Alan fails to roll any successes with his Reaction Dice and the Blind takes two suppressions.

On his next Command Pulse Alan deploys the Blind. It contains three M11/39 tanks. Alan assigns the suppressions to two of his tanks. If Alan had not deployed, he could have removed the suppressions using two Command Dice.

Rallying Blinds

Blinds are rallied the same as other units. Your opponent rolls as many dice as the Blind has Disruption Points with a 4+ TN. You remove one Disruption Point for each success.

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