Armour Battles – German Statistics


SdKfz 234/2 Armoured Car (Puma)

Puma-03Fast and armed with a 50L60 gun, the Puma is good for moving around the enemy’s flanks. It can use its Break-off ability to get itself out of trouble when attacked.



Type: Recon

Training: Regular

Move: Fast

Reliability: Average

Reaction: 4D

Weapon: 50L60 Gun

  • Range: 7/14/28
  • FP: 5D AT: 6D

Notes: Recon. Break-off.


Tiger I

Tiger1-mobilityThe Tiger I is a formidable heavy tank. Armed with an 88L56 gun, the Tiger can pick off enemy armour from long range and its heavy armour provides excellent protection against anti-tank weapons and artillery.

Type: Heavy AFV

Training: Regular

Move: Average

Reliability: Poor

Reaction: 7D

Weapon: 88L56 Gun

  • Range: 10/20/40
  • FP: 8D AT: 10D

Panther Ausf G

panther-ausfg3The Panther is well armed and armoured. While resistant to damage, the Panther is not invulnerable when fighting superior numbers of enemy tanks. Try to avoid letting enemy tanks manoeuvrer into your flank and rear zones.


Type: Medium AFV

Training: Regular

Move: Average

Reliability: Average

Reaction: 7D/6D

Weapon: 75L70 Gun

  • Range: 9/18/36
  • FP: 7D AT: 9D

Notes: The Panther’s sloped armour gives it 7D Reaction against frontal attacks. When fired at in the flanks/rear or when hit by artillery, its Reaction is reduced to 6D.

Panzer IV H

panzer ivThe workhorse of the German army, the Panzer IV is a good all round tank.




Type: Medium AFV

Training: Regular

Move: Average

Reliability: Average

Reaction: 5D

Weapon: 75L48 Gun

  • Range: 8/16/32
  • FP: 7D AT: 8D

Jagdpanzer IV

Jagdpanzer_IVBuilt on the chassis of the Panzer IV, the Jagdpanzer IV is armed with a 75L60 gun giving it a better range and anti-tank capability than the Sturmgeschütz III.



Type: AFV

Training: Regular

Move: Average

Reliability: Average

Reaction: 6D (5D)

Weapon: 75L70

  • Range: 9/18/36
  • FP: 6D AT: 9D

Notes: Restricted to 180° fire arc. Low Profile.

Off-Table Artillery

105L28 Howitzer

The 105mm howitzer provides off-table artillery support.

Type: Medium Off-table Artillery

Training: Regular



Weapon: 105L28 howitzer

  • Range: Off-Table
  • FP: 4D AT: 4D

Notes: Artillery Suppression.

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