US Armoured Infantry Divisional Support Units #2

This post covers Tank and Tank Destroyer Support.

0-1 Tank Destroyer Battery
0-1 Recon M8 Armoured Car
0-3 M10 Gun Motor Carriage *
0-3 M10 Gun Motor Carriage (Late) *
0-3 M18 Gun Motor Carriage *
0-3 M36 Gun Motor Carriage *
*Choose one type only
0-3 Medium Tank Companies
0-3 M4 75mm * **
* May replace one M4 75mm with one M4 76mm
** November 1944 may replace all M4 75mm tanks with M4 76mm tanks
0-1 Light Tank Company
0-3 Recon M5 Light Tanks

The next post covers engineer and anti-aircraft support.

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