Multiple Battle Groups #22

CS CHQ coverTurn Two Reserves

Max enters all four of his reserve units on Turn Two. Next turn he will have the maximum number of Command Dice available for each of his battle groups.

Boris enters his Anti-Tank Rifle Company reserve group. His infantry battle group will have five Command Dice next turn.

Boris decides to enter his Reserve T34/43 battle group as well. Next turn this will increase his Armour Battle Group Command Dice to three.

As he keeps his T34/85 group in Reserve for another turn, its Command Dice is also kept in reserve.

Army Morale Check Triggered

Max attacks and Disperses a Soviet Infantry Platoon. Boris rolls a 3 for his Morale Point loss.

Boris has to now make an Army Morale Check. He rolls his three Army Morale Dice against three dice rolled by Max. Boris rolls one success, versus one success from Tom.

As each rolled the same number of successes, Boris immediately loses one Command Dice reducing his Infantry Battle Group’s Dice Pool to four Command Dice.

As Boris is now reduced to a total of eight Command Dice this reduces his maximum number of Staff Orders from nine to eight. He currently has nine Staff Orders – unless he uses one or more Staff Orders before the end of turn, he will have to discard one of his Staff Orders.

Undaunted by his loss, Boris uses his Staff Orders to order all of his five off-table batteries to fire on the Germans…

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