Multiple Battle Groups #10

1944 Germans vs Soviets

CS CHQ coverThis post shows how to go about setting up statistics for a multiple battle group game.

The game is set in late 1944 and will be used to fight a long campaign. Max and Boris have agreed that they want to field an infantry battle group and an armour battle group each.

As they’re playing a campaign, they’ve decided to add one infantry support unit after the first game. After the second game, they’ll add an armour support unit. After the third game they’ll add another infantry support unit; then an armour support unit, alternating between infantry and armour until all support units have been added.

Max’s German Battle Groups

Units: 29

Staff Orders: 8 (4 from each battle group)

Rally Dice: 4

Artillery Batteries: 4

Artillery Response Dice: 4

Artillery Supply: Poor

Initial Barrage Round Modifier: –1

As the Rally Dice, Artillery Response Dice, Artillery Supply, and Initial Barrage Round Modifier are the same for both battle groups, they are listed here for convenience.

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